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Southside Community Center and the Freedom 14 Camp are working together to bring youth groups an exciting fun-filled week.  This year, all volunteers will be residing in Wimberley at the F14 Camp for the work week. The Freedom 14 Camp & Resort offer a variety of activities for youth groups to partake in including hiking, horseback riding, and much more.  All F14 activities are optional, while some may charge an additional fee. Youth groups will lodge in cabins with access to a large fire pit in a beautiful hill country area during their week of summer camp along with nearby devotional areas. This will be where you sleep and eat breakfast and dinner. You will come to Southside Community Center in the mornings and will Campers have the option of staying the night after Schlitterbahn and checking out Saturday morning.

The Website for Freedom 14 Camp is listed below as a picture link: 

Again, we highly recommend those who are interested to sign up early to reserve the week they desire. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the Southside Community Center at (512) 392-6694.