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Important Information

Important Things to Note

Southside Community Center receives funding every month to help those in need with either their rent or utilities. With your application you must submit pay stubs that verify your income, if you are unemployed please mention that in your application. A valid driver’s license and copy of rental agreement or utility bill must also be included. If you submit your application via email or fax, please call ahead so we can file the application appropriately.

  • You can only apply for specific assistance once every six months.
  • We do not help with deposits
  • We cannot help with rent balances that exceed $200.
  • You can only get one KIND of specific assistance every six months (No rent and utilities simultaneously, for example)
  • If your application is not 100% filled out you cannot be considered for assistance. 
  • Processing your application takes several days so do not wait until your bill is way overdue before applying.
  • We send payment directly to a landlord, utility company, never to the person applying.
  • We help on a first-come-first-serve basis and not every application is accepted.