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New Life Program

Southside Community Center is transitioning from an emergency shelter to the new life program that aims to get people back on their feet. Southside is searching for clients who are proactively working towards independent living. Once a room opens up we sift through applications and search for the candidates that we would best see fit for our program. Once accepted into the program we have them sign a contract for a 30 day stay, that is dependent on their cooperation with our staff and rules. During this period client are required to look for work and save money. We allow for a total of 3 months in the shelter, which we have found is sufficient time to save enough money to find a home. Our objective is to make a difference and not provide a Band-Aid to a bigger problem in our community. The homeless population is growing in San Marcos and we must adapt to bring a much needed solution to the rising lack of affordable housing in the city of San Marcos, Texas. If you are looking to get into the shelter our application is listed below. If you are faxing or emailing this application, we recommend calling in advance so that we can file it properly.